Don't know which facial to choose? Schedule a consultation and we will conduct a detail skin analysis then recommend the adequate treatments. You will be able to receive an actual facial the same day. Your Esthetician will evaluate your skin and also help customize your home Skin Care regime.  $25 is applied to your facial that day.


Marimad Signature Facial 
a facial for all skin types, even the most sensitive, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed with a healthy glow. the signature facial includes a thorough cleansing, gentle exfoliation with an enzyme mask, extractions to remove impurities,  relaxing facial massage, Led Light, and Hydrojelly Mask. This is a great first timer facial and also a good way to maintain your skin healthy glow.



This impressive diamond tip polishes and buffed the skin by providing the bliss of a relaxing spa treatment, but packs the punch of our medical-grade equipment!

Microdermabrasion renews overall skin tone and texture by stimulating blood flow, which improves cell production. People with fine lines, uneven pigmentation or clogged pores, ingrown hair may benefit most from microdermabrasion treatments. It can also improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin-related concerns and conditions.

Other benefits include:

  • Smoothness

  • Brighter complexion

  • Reduced appearance of fine lines

  • Evened out skin tone

  • Reduced appearance of dark spots

  • Cleaned-out pores

Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning facial treatments gives you an ultra-smooth look removing unwanted peach fuzz and facial hair, and dead skin cells at the same time.

It is very popular as nothing can compare when you apply your makeup after the skin has been treated. Not to be confused with microdermabrasion, dermaplaning is a systematic exfoliation and a step up process that is simple and safe.

This radiant, superstar celebrity treatment uses a very fine blade to exfoliate, removing the top layer of skin as well as the hair.

What is Dermaplaning?

It is "shaving" of the skin with an ultra thin blade and feather-like strokes that exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and unwanted facial hair. There is a better absorption of serums and vitamins after a treatment.

One of the main reasons celebrities and television stars love this treatment is that makeup will go on very smoothly. Removal of excess dead skin buildup will allow the skin to be healthier and glowing.

Who Is a Dermaplaning Facial Good For?

Skin Types: It is great for clients with rough skin, dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and very mild acne scarring. It will also lighten pigmentation if it is surface pigmentation only.

Who is it Good For?

• Great for someone who wants the skin to glow and look radiant.

• Great for all skin types, except cystic acne and those with raised skin tags or moles.

• Good for clients who are pregnant or nursing who want to exfoliate, but don’t want to risk a chemical peel for the possible contraindications.

• Great for clients who have excess peach fuzz and want makeup to go on smoothly.

• Clients who get an excess of dirt and oil from the hair that cause clogged pores. Removing the hair will help the bacteria and sebum on the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dermaplaning

1. Will my hair grow back thicker? It is a myth that your hair will grow back thicker. Your hair will grow back at the same rate. What happens is that you notice the hair growth, even though it is vellus hair.


2. Are there any side affects? Some side affects from dermaplaning happen when you go out in the sun or engage in physical activity after a treatment. Especially if the dermaplaning has been combined with a lactic or TCA peel. The skin may feel sensitive for a couple of days. It’s best to keep it hydrated with serums. The best serums that we know of help to replace the lost lipids of the skin. Also some people breakouts after the treatment it is called acne Friction, it should go away after couple days.


3. Will makeup go on smoothly? Makeup goes on beautifully after dermaplaning. The major reason is that the small hairs don’t interfere with the application of the foundations or powders.

Clear Acne Facial

Not all acne is the same. At Marimad Luxury Spa our approach is highly customized. Whether your acne is caused by high bacteria levels, hormonal changes, stress, or is simply a reaction to the  environment, we will customize a facial to combat your acne. This treatment will include a deep cleanse, Cocoa enzyme exfoliation, a chemical peel, Blue LED LIGHT, OXYGEN treatment, and a detoxifying mask that will help draw out impurities and prevent periodic or ongoing breakouts.

Having a skin analysis with one of our Acne Specialists is the most important step towards having clearer skin.

During the acne treatment you will receive a very detailed skin analysis, also we highly recommend to purchase our home skincare and vitamin regimen for a full results. You will also ask to be on a strict diet depending on the severity of your acne such as no dairy and sugar.

Skin Brightening Facial 

This skin Brightening treatment is specifically designed to treat all forms of hyper-pigmentation such as freckles, len/tigo,and hyper-pigmentation due to sun-damage, hormone imbalance and age-spots. This treatment uses a powerful blend of skin lightening ingredients including botanical anti-oxidants such as brown algae, stimulating enzymes, white tea and chamomile to inhibit the production and activity of melanin and to slow the transfer of melanin to the skin’s epidermal (surface) cells. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, all ages, men and women.

The treatment includes exfoliation with either an enzyme , dermaplaning, or microdremabraison, LED Light,  Brightening HYDROJELLY mask, and oxygen treatment.. There is no downtime.

Red Carpet Facial

This intense and luxurious facial includes dermaplaning , brightening enzyme, LED LIGHT, OXYGEN TREATMENT, HYDROJELLY mask, 24k Gold Foil massaged into your skin.

Whether you need to be camera-ready or just want to look great without invasive procedures and harsh chemicals, our Red Carpet Facial is the best choice to deliver A-list results year round. It uses the most advanced anti-aging technology available to produce fast results without any downtime. This restorative and relaxing treatment is like a good night's sleep for your mind and body. Beyond wrinkle-reducing, the treatment targets all areas that need care most, helping to lift, firm and contour the jawline, cheek bones and delicate eye area. By encouraging collagen formation through suppressing its breakdown and energizing the skin, this treatment improves elasticity and defies gravity. Synergy between the mild current and LED Light results in dramatic and cumulative effects, much like an effective personal training fitness routine, but for your face. This exclusive combination is "light years" ahead of any other non-invasive, anti-aging approach. It is no wonder that nominees and presenters entrust their faces before important ceremonies to this gentle, yet effective, treatment. Looking great makes you feel great. We believe it should not be reserved for award shows. 


Prenatal Glow Facial 

The Pregnancy glow is an unfortunate myth for some, thanks to skyrocketing hormones, more than 50% of pregnant women develop a “pregnancy mask,” the darkening of pigmentation around the mouth, cheeks, and forehead also known as melasma or hyperpigmentation, and many also develop acne. Exhaustion and water retention may lead to under-eye pouches, while increased blood ow can cause spider veins across the face of about two-thirds of pregnant women experience the dreadful pregnancy symptoms.

We use pregnancy safe products such as enzyme, and oxygen treatment.

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