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5 Basic Facial Treatment Steps to Follow

Every woman wants a beautiful face. But every good thing needs care and long term good practice. Here is a guide to facial treatment steps for the basic facial care you desire. I am sure these step by step facial instructions will help you to get used to facial basics.

Facial Treatment Step 1: Know your skin type

Do you have a normal, oily, dry, or combination skin? If you can’t tell which type it is, start by washing your face with a mild cleanser. Let your skin sit in its natural state, with zero beauty products on, and wait. After one or two hours, look into a mirror, get a blotting paper, tissue, or just feel your skin with your fingertips.

If your forehead, cheeks, and T-zone—the space above your eyebrows and the bridge of your nose—is oily, then you have oily skin. This skin type is more prone to breakouts as the pores are big and dilated. But there’s a good side to it. You’re less prone to wrinkles because all your natural oil smoothens and moisturizes the skin.

If your skin has no visible pores, but it looks dehydrated or wrinkly, you have dry skin. People with dry skin types look differently than the oily skin type. They are more prone to wrinkles and premature lines.

If your T-zone is the only oily part, and you have visible pores, but the rest of your face has nothing, then you have a combination skin type.

If your skin looks fleshy and nourished, then you have a normal skin type. It’s the ideal skin as you are suitable for all kinds of skin products. However, even if you have the ideal skin type, you should still make sure that you’re giving your skin the proper care it needs.

Now that you have identified your skin type, you can easily choose the products that will not cause irritation or sensitivity to your skin.

Facial Treatment Step 2: Know that your face mirrors your lifestyle

This is the most important step of all facial treatment steps. Smoking, lack of sleep, and long unprotected exposure to sunlight should be avoided when you want healthier skin. Changing your eating habits matters as well. Eat fried, greasy, and fatty food limited or in moderation. Drink tons of water to hydrate your body and skin. Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants will also help with your skin. Antioxidants like Vitamin C, E, and A can block damages caused by free radicals, a harmful product created by a combination of smoke, sunlight, and pollution.

As you get older, your skin also gets older than before. Your collagen production—the protein that maintains the skin’s firmness and elasticity—starts to slow down. Collagen creams or facial masks do not penetrate the skin. You can take collagen supplements like fish collagen peptide to absorb them in your body. They will help give you that youthful skin. you get older, your skin also gets older than before. Your collagen production—the protein that maintains the skin’s firmness and elasticity starts to slow down. Collagen creams or facial masks do not penetrate the skin. You can take collagen supplements like fish collagen peptide to absorb them in your body. They will help give you that youthful skin.

Facial Step 3: Practice a good skincare routine

You Never go to bed with dirty skin. If you have been out the whole day, your face has by now accumulated a layer of skin oils, food grease, makeup, and dirt that would lead to acne if left overnight. Creating a skincare routine requires discipline, learning, and budget.

Cleanse your face with facial cleanser/soaps that are not too harsh, strong-scented, or soapy. You can use also a facial steamer. Soapy cleansers can cause damage on the face as it would dry the skin out of its natural oils. For an all-natural ingredient, you can use facial oils or an organic extra virgin coconut oil.

Remove makeup by using Micellar Water or the classic makeup remover wipes for the lazy days. Makeup left in the skin clogs pores with dirt.

Exfoliate gently twice or thrice in a week to scrub off dead skin cells. However, do not do this every day as it can make your skin sensitive. You can use a microdermabrasion machine for the best results.

Dry your face gently. Use a clean face towel or cotton balls for your face. Do not drag or rub your skin as it will darken and make your face prone to lines. Pat your skin dry instead.

Skin treatments like serums, pore minimizers, acne treatments, brightening facial masks, or bentonite clay masks can be applied once in a while.

Toners are products you should use in preparation for moisturizing as it balances the pH levels of your skin.

Moisturize the skin to give you that healthy, glowing, plump skin. This is essential to keep away the wrinkles that are not yet in your face. If you have dry skin, moisturizers are a must.

Eye creams Rubbing and exposure to harsh, high-alcohol content products can cause darkness in the eyes. If you look like a sleep-deprived zombie, choose an eye cream that targets dark circles and hydrates or protects. The skin around the eyes is thin. Thus, when you apply eye creams, be extra fragile and dab it, not rub it.

Sunscreen is a must in skin care. Your skin needs protection from the harsh sunlight, so make sure to apply sunscreen 30 minutes to an hour before going out. For that non-sticky and greasy feel, invest in a water-based facial sunscreen that has UVA and UVB protection and with at least SPF 30 or above. Do not be complacent when indoors. The sunlight through your windows can still damage your skin, so slather on that sunscreen already. You can use a spray tan machine with a good spray tan solution to get tan from home.

If the steps and the products are too much for your time and budget, we can narrow it down to a 5-step beauty regimen: cleanse, tone, moisturize, sunscreen, and protection.

Professional Facial Step 4: Hands off your face!

Make a conscious effort to touch your face as less frequently as possible. Your hands have been everywhere. So, use a blotting paper or tissue paper to dab your skin when necessary gently. Be mindful of what you use on your face. Products that are high in alcohol content dry your skin fast! Also, give your phone screen a swipe of facial cleansing tissue before you place it against your face. Believe it or not, it has 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. All that dirt and bacteria will give you zits.

Facial Treatment Step 5: Facial care is a part of life

Facial care is not a fad. It is a routine, a lifestyle that requires discipline and investment of money and time. Skincare is less of the steps and more of what routine is right for your skin. Make this facial treatment steps part of your life and does it at regular intervals.


Facial care is also definitely not just for the ladies; it’s for everyone. Applying a face clay mask does not make you any less of a man. It makes you a sensible person with great skin. By following these facial treatment steps both men and women can get fantastic facial glow and beautiful skin which will sustain for a long time.

Book your appointment today with us for an ultimate selfcare!

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